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Keep writing he said, it will get you out.

So I fill in the blanks.

It is, and

I am...

and every now and then

it will be.

I ask myself that every day.

When the power goes out, the day starts to fade, and nobody will answer

there is nothing to do but ride with it. Escape

in a world behind closed doors,

under beds and through secret attic rooms.

To let the universe take you as its own.

It knows when. Stop and sit a while it says,

and moves in unapologetically.

When I camp in the wilderness, the trees and the desert,

I go back to the earth and I wake feeling as if some important work has been done.

And I am no longer running along the surface of life but rather grasping to roots underground.

There is more of a life there anyway.

I belong to this land now and it welcomes me.

I think I'll stay a while.


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